Employment & Orientation:In line with our Vision, Mission and Policy; for the purpose of employing “the bests” and to maintain the “Right Person for Right Work” motto, an applicant pool is being established through the agency of “yenibiris.com” website for being utilized in all needs. For the entire group companies during the whole year, advertisements are given for positions in various characteristics and different qualifications. Among the applications made for the postings, the best fitting applicants are being selected in line with the corporate needs and invited to the interviews. As ŞAHTERM, one of the major points we place emphasis on in employment is the competences.

Interviewing Procedure:The applicants invited to the interviews for the announced open positions, attend some or all of the interviews within the interviewing procedure according to the characteristic of the job. These are; Competency Interviews, Technical Interviews, Foreign Language Interviews, Skill Interviews, Personality Inventory, Special Purpose Interviews

The succeeding applicants are being employed in ISIŞAH through the orientation training. Within the course of the orientation program, the employees both get informed about the company and department they will work for and get detailed information about the entire group. Then they receive “on-the-job training” in various periods according to the department and job.