Company’s tasks, each task in order to ensure the best recipes are accurate and clear. Qualifications to carry out this task, which is determined to be included in that work..

Training: The trainings are given intended both for meeting the development and learning needs of the workers who are the most important resources for company’s future and for obtaining knowledge, skill and new developments required by the organization. The training demands are received from our workers and the trainings that are in line with the policies and targets of the company focused on both personal development and technical information obtaining purposed are given in accordance with the needs of our employees.

Performance Management: The workers are evaluated according to the specified performance criteria. Successful workers are promoted and trained and if required awarded through pecuniary or non-pecuniary methods for improving oneself and for upgrading to a higher position.

Career Planing: The aim of the Career Planning / Developing process carried out within the body of ISIŞAH is to be aware of those having the potential, to offer them the required professional knowledge, skill and development opportunities, to make them get ready for the duties with more responsibilities. All workers in all levels, receive training according to the needs specified towards their career development both inside and outside the company.

Orientation: New recruits are being informed about the objectives of the company and his/her contribution is emphasized for achieving these objectives. In line with this, the Orientation Plan is being implemented to all new workers and given the opportunity to get informed about the company and the corporate culture.